Special Occasion / Makeup

Bridal Services

We Are YOUR Wedding Experts!

From hair styling to nail and makeup services we will take care of you from head to toe! With the ability to accommodate ANY SIZE wedding party we are the only stop you will need to make you look beautiful on your wedding day. Please call for a free consultation.

Special Occasion Styling 
Our energetic team will customize your services to create the experience and look that you desire.
Bridal Hair Style If applicable: Includes installation of temorary extensions (Must be purchased separately), accessories, and veilFrom $130*
Up-Do's, Wedding Party & PromFrom $75*
Luxury BlowoutFrom $49*
Special Occasion Makeup 
You will be photographed more on your special day then any other day of your life! A professional makeup application ensures you always be "Picture Perfect". Our specialists are ready to customize the exact look you want from natural to dramatic and everything in between.
Party ApplicationFrom $60
Attendant ApplicationFrom $60
Bridal ApplicationFrom $90

On Site Services

Do you need to bring the show on the road? Our on site services are your perfect solution! We will come to your location and bring everything needed to make your hair and makeup perfect for your wedding day.

Travel charge- $50 per service provider per hour of travel plus 20% added on to service charges. Sundays and Holidays may have additional charges. Please inquire for quote.

A credit card number will be required to reserve wedding service appointments. In the event you are unable to keep your appointments, a two week cancellation notice is required or a fee, of up to 100% of the cost of the services reserved, will be charged.

Perfect Prom

Prom Pricing 
Special Occasion Styling$75*
Makeup Application$60
Signature Manicure$25
Shellac Manicure$36
Signature Pedicure$44
Glitz Package
Special Occasion Style
Makeup Application
ONLY $135*
Glamour Package
Special Occasion Style
Makeup Applicaton
Signature Manicure
Signature Pedicure
ONLY $204*
Formal Affair Package
Special Occasion Style
Makeup Application
Shellac Manicure
Signature Pedicure
ONLY $215*

*Restrictions may apply. Special occasion style pricing will have additional charges for thick or extra long hair or any service requiring extra time. Package pricing reflect Level one service provider pricing. Higher level stylists will have elevated pricing.

Tips for Prom Hairstyles

  • Go with hairstyles that fit your individual personality rather it be classic, hip hop, or upstyles
  • Particular hairstyles will be more suitable to certain facial shapes
  • Try your hairstyles a few months before the special occasion so you can pick your favorite.
  • Check hair care accessories like shine sprays, glitter, or jewelry
  • Manage hair by using effective hair care products and getting regular hair trims to keep split ends in check months before the big night
  • Bring pictures of your dress as well as “inspiration” pictures of several hairstyles that you like to your appointment.
  • Don’t drastically change your hair before special occasion! You can always cut it or color it the day after!

Steps for the Perfect Prom Hairstyle

So you want your dream special occasion. There are many factors involved to having the perfect special occasion hairstyles, and many of these factors occur many months before the special occasion. Here is a checklist of steps to help special occasion goers prepare their hairstyles for this special occasion. Missing steps does not mean disaster in any way. This guide is intended as just a helpful list compiled from professional resources as well as tips from our staff.

Planning Steps

The first step is selecting a special occasion hairstyle that fits your look. Usually you chose a hairstyle to match your and apparel but sometimes, when you already have a perfect hairstyle chosen, you chose your dress to match your hairstyle. If your dress is simple your hair can be more elaborate. If your dress is very elaborate consider a more simple hairstyle to avoid looking too “fussy”!

PLANNING is the most important step you can take.

  • Select a few special occasion hairstyles that you think will look great
  • Spend a couple of weekends dressing up with each different hairstyle to see which one looks best and how it feels on you
  • Select an alternate special occasion hairstyle (just in case)

Maintenance Steps

The next step for great special occasion hairstyles is MAINTENANCE

Maintaining Beautiful Hair for special occasion hairstyles

  1. Keep your hair healthy with regular visits to your stylist for trims, coloring and professional conditioning treatments.
  2. Use professional products that are designed for YOUR hair needs. Ask your stylist to recommend a home hair care regime designed just for you!
  3. Eat a healthy diet and keep well hydrated for beautiful locks.

Final Prep for Prom Hair

As it gets closer and closer to special occasion day, it is important to make sure we are ready. These steps will help make sure that you are prepared for any situation that may arise and help prevent special occasion day hairstyle disasters.

  1. If you are going to a salon make sure and schedule your appointment several weeks ahead to get your ideal time. (Plan early)
  2. Wear a button up shirt when getting your hairstyle done so no shirt has to be taken off over your hairdo
  3. 3 weeks before special occasion, make an emergency kit of hair items you might need including accessories, pins, hairspray and a rain bonnet!
  4. Remember to bring your pictures and accessories to your appointment.